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October 30, 2011

Qt 4.7.4 for RHEL/Centos 6.0 pre-release

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Update Nov 14 2011: I’ve uploaded 32-bit packages for testing as well.  Please have at it and let me know what the issues are.  The repository file is the same for all versions.  Qt-Creator packages are building for both architectures overnight, so if all goes well I will upload them in the morning.

2nd Update Nov 14th 2011: Having problems compiling qt-creator.  Hopefully today, maybe tomorrow.

I’ve finished the first compile of Qt 4.7.4 packages for RHEL/Centos 6.0.  There are several things to consider before using these packages.

Unlike RHEL/Centos 5, Qt 4 is a primary system package upon which rests a host of system applications, most notably KDE.  For this first round of packages, I took the system package spec file and updated it with the 4.7.4 sources.  There are quite a few patches in the system sources, and I kept all of them that didn’t cause a portion of the build process to break.  Anything that broke the process was simply commented out, which is a lazy way of doing things.  In actuality, each one should be analyzed and re-patched to the new source if necessary.  Time constraints dictate that I’m a bit lazy on this for now, so these packages should be rigorously tested before pushed to a production system.  Also, the new system packages use an Epoch, which means that the version numbers are meaningless in terms of which packages Yum will install.  To get around this, I bumped the Epoch from 1 to 1000, and I’ll continue to increment it as I push new packages.  This should provide that the packages are always selected over other repositories.

I plan to push these to a fresh VM in a day or two and, if all goes well, build and push Qt-Creator.

Feel free to test these packages, but be aware that they are for test purposes only at this point.  Please provide feedback on the success or failure of your testing.

The repository file (which is the same as the v5 file) is located here.



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